We are RALIANCE Business

RALIANCE Business is a resource center that provides companies and organizations with a comprehensive, data-driven approach to addressing and eliminating all forms of sexual misconduct, sexual harassment and sexual assault in the workplace and across business operations.

Through services including assessment, policy review, trainings and accreditation, RALIANCE Business helps organizations tap into their power to change culture for the better.


our partners

We partner with private and public sector organizations across all industries to provide the tools and guidance to end sexual harassment, misconduct and assault in the workplace and across business operations. Our comprehensive, data-driven approach provides a consistent way for businesses to measure and address these issues, with customized support to make sure our solutions are relevant to your unique business environment.

No company needs to be perfect to partner with us - just genuinely committed to making their workplace safer and more equitable.

RALIANCE Business is in collaboration with founding partner Uber Technologies.


our services



We’re on a mission to create safer and more respectful workplaces nationwide. So when you engage us to conduct an assessment of your company’s response to sexual misconduct and the steps you are taking to prevent it, we’ll be there to help you create an actionable plan that’s tailor-made for your organization.


Data Collection and Research

Working with experts to understand the scope of the problem and the factors contributing to it is the first step toward solutions. That's why we've developed an unambiguous, comprehensive taxonomy system to help companies better measure incidents in their organizations.


Policy Review or Creation

We all have room for improvement. By collaborating with your company to review your unique corporate policies and procedures, we’ll help you create a safer and more equitable work environment.



Cultural change starts with education. So we provide trainings to executives, managers, employees and customer response and support teams to create more empathetic workplaces. Our trainings focus on addressing the root causes of issues, rather than just teaching terminology.


Communications Support

We’re here to help you talk about your company, whether you’re addressing your most sensitive issues, or using your platform to create positive change in the world. We’ll be there to offer guidance and support in internal and external messaging and communications around incidents, policies and corporate social responsibility programs.


Strategies and Solutions

When you partner with us, we’ll create a concrete roadmap with solutions and strategies for advancing sexual violence prevention and victim response across your operations. But instead of just making a plan to respond to incidents, we’ll help you prevent and stop them before they happen.



Our accreditation system currently under development will be the benchmark for corporate efforts around preventing sexual misconduct, harassment and assault. After partnering with us in consistent good-faith efforts, your company can earn a public seal acknowledging your commitment.


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