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Are you a business leader looking for innovative solutions to sexual misconduct? Our leading industry researchers and experts can help.

RALIANCE Business’s strategic and forward-thinking experts provide customized, data-driven solutions to help prevent and respond to sexual misconduct in the workplace and across all business operations. We partner with organizational leaders to create cultures that improve the safety of employees, customers, and organizations.


Our Services

Today more than ever, business leaders face challenges in making the best decisions to keep employees and customers safe. You can't always predict what will happen and when, but you can be proactive in implementing policies and systems to help prevent and respond to sexual misconduct, harassment, and assault. We are here to help.

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Safety System Solutions

Do the unpredictable behaviors of your employees and customers keep you up at night? Do you have an expert on your team to help you navigate how to handle the issues of sexual harassment and assault?

Our experts are highly experienced in facing these challenges. They’ve worked with survivors, the legal and medical system, shaped state and federal policy, and helped transform corporate response systems.

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Taxonomy Validation and Support

Do your customers and employees know their safety matters to you? How do you take the necessary steps to ensure their safety? Our experts developed a taxonomy to take the guesswork out of measuring the prevalence of sexual misconduct and gathering the data to make informed decisions. We work collaboratively with you whether your goal is to effectively use the taxonomy, evaluate your current system, or validate your implementation process.

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Policy and Systems Evaluation

Are you looking for a proven method to measure the impact of your internal sexual assault policies and systems? Gain a fresh perspective on your organizational initiatives to create a safe workplace culture and customer experience.

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Talent Development and Training

Problems persist when bad actors believe there isn’t a consequence to their behaviors. Our talent development trainings are designed to shift mindsets and transform behaviors. Level up your employees' attitudes and aptitudes by helping them develop the emotional intelligence to promote healthy gender dynamics, improve workplace culture, and be allies to sexual assault victims.

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Crisis Communication Training and Support

Does your public relations team struggle to find the words needed to sensitively and responsibly communicate about sexual misconduct?

Our communication pros bring a victim-survivor centered approach to navigate complex terminology and convey information persuasively. Trust us to relieve the stress of interacting with internal and external constituents and the media by providing your organization with training, tools, guidance, and support needed to meet your branding and corporate responsibility goals.

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