How Sport Can End Sexual and Domestic Violence in One Generation

Sexual and domestic violence (SV/DV) is a pervasive problem throughout the United States 1, 2. As a central component of American society, sport is an influential system that can contribute to the pervasiveness of SV/DV 3 AND can be a powerful part of the solution 4 to ending SV/DV.

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What resources already exist?

Use our Prevention Database to explore over 100 SV/DV prevention strategies being implemented in and through the sport pipeline (from youth to high school to college to pro). Build a comprehensive SV/DV prevention strategy and find SV/DV experts and sport organizations working in or through sport to prevent SV/DV!

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What is the Roadmap?

Because there is no single solution to ending sexual and domestic violence, the Roadmap serves as a theory of change to guide specific action steps the sport community can take to prevent SV/DV in and through the sport community.

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What is the research that backs this up?

Raliance’s Overview Report combines a peer-reviewed literature review and an asset mapping exercise of 49 interviews with key stakeholders to outline the state of the sexual and domestic violence (SV/DV) prevention efforts throughout the sport pipeline. The report includes the summary of research, key findings (strengths and gaps) and recommendations based on that research.

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What are others doing to prevent SV/DV in and through sport?

Participate in web conferences, listen to our podcasts, and read our blogs in our Learning Exchange, powered by PreventConnect! Here you’ll find conversations, case studies, and information about the best practices in SV/DV prevention in sport.

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