Centering Services for Transgender Women of Color

The Center for Hope and Healing, Inc
R4 2019-2020 $40,000

The Center for Hope and Healing in Lowell, MA will examine and improve organizational policies, practices, and outreach strategies in order to better serve transgender women of color survivors in the community.

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  • Communities

    Adults African American Asian-Pacific Islander Boys Communities of color Girls Latinx LGBTQ2I Men Survivors Women Youth/Adolescents/Young Adult
  • System

    Advocacy/rape crisis
  • Level



  • Provide Resources

    Provide Resources

    Build internal capacity to provide inclusive, competent services to trans survivors of color.

  • Strengthen Policies

    Strengthen Policies

    Create a roadmap/improvement plan related to core org policies and practices based on internal examination and recommendations

  • Educate & Train

    Educate & Train

    Conduct a day-long training for Board, staff and volunteers

  • Measure Impact

    Measure Impact

    Conduct survey/assessment of process