Child Sexual Abuse Innovations Program

NEWS, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Victim Services
R1 2016-2017 $50,000

NEWS, Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse Services in Napa, CA partnered with On The Move to create the Childhood Sexual Abuse Innovations Project. The project was a year-long, survivor-driven leadership cohort of survivors and their organizational allies with the goal of increasing healing opportunities beyond the criminal justice option, increasing awareness, community connections, and enhancing quality and availability of services.

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    Adults Communities of color Men Survivors Women
  • Products

    Artwork: The Narrative: Compiled by Jennifer Thater, 2017 (Proprietary) Contact NEWS
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    Advocacy/rape crisis Therapeutic/mental health
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  • Enhance Partnerships

    Enhance Partnerships

    NEWS partnered with On The Move and other social service representatives including the
    NEWS Rape Crisis Program and NEWS staff. 

  • Learning Circles

    Learning Circles

    Presentation of culminating project (The Narrative) and arts activites was held on July 26, 2017 with 50 attendees.

  • Build Champions

    Build Champions

    The cohort has expressed interest in continuing to develop a support group and incorporate alternative healing such as art and movement activities, though they have not been able to find funding to continue the project.

  • Provide Resources

    Provide Resources

    A 7-member cohort completed the year-long program (12 started the cohort). Cohort meetings were held 9 hours per month.

    Through this project, NEWS and other community partners continue to build capacity to better address the needs of trauma survivors. A supportive supervision curriculum is in development for allies and service providers. 

  • Educate & Train

    Educate & Train

    NEWS supported a survivor-created space and leadership via the cohort.