Emerging Sons: National Black Male Leadership Initiative

Black Women's Blueprint
R3 2018-2019 $50,000

Expanding its Emerging Sons Project to develop and implement programming and innovative tools that reduces the likelihood of people to offend using culturally-specific education and messaging to help Black men and boys collectively re-negotiate new, expansive, and self-determined representations of Black masculinity.

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  • Enhance Partnerships

    Enhance Partnerships

    Partnership/linkage agreement with Common Justice/Healing Works and informal partnerships with local schools and the Summer Youth Employment Project of New York.

  • Learning Circles

    Learning Circles

    Organized a contingency of Black men and boys at the March for Black Women where we engaged in conversation and debate about VAW with our Emerging sons who designed a digital campaign to engage Black men in the March focused on the expiration of the Violence Against Women Act.

  • Build Champions

    Build Champions

    Piloted the Emerging Sons curriculum on campuses with a focus on bystander Intervention through our original core curricula.

  • Provide Resources

    Provide Resources

    Developed a digital card deck of educational illustrations that counteract the normalization of violence against women and girls found in pornography and provide education and promote healthy sexual relationships designed to interrupt rape culture and the deep web. Launched www.bwbtraining.org to expand our reach and engage institutions in dismantling oppression.

  • Educate & Train

    Educate & Train

    Piloted prevention and bystander intervention curriculum in Southern communities with high-density AA populations, prevention programming within youth community programs to build resilience and counter pejorative narratives and stereotypes of Black males as violent and hypersexualized.

  • Raise Awareness

    Raise Awareness

    Built a culturally-specific website, social media collateral, and deployed Emerging Sons visuals and messages in public spaces, including on city buses, billboards, and through print or digital media around our March for Black women and VAWA. Cultivated an Emerging Sons Speakers Bureau for public speaking opportunities.

    Using the hastag, #BlackMenDo, BWB's campaign asked Black men to show how they are ending violence against Black women, confronting sexual assault in their communities as bystanders, and dismantling patriarchy and toxic masculinity as leaders in the movement.

  • Measure Impact

    Measure Impact

    Using the community based Critical Participatory Action Research (CPAR) model, BWB conducted surveys, semi-structured interviews, with focus groups to discuss "What will it take to end sexual violence?" as well as held community forums, focus groups and barbershop conversations, and in-person meet-ups for potential campaign participants.