LGBTQ Sexual Violence Prevention and Accountability Project

New York City Anti-Violence Project
R2 2017-2018 $46,000

New York City Anti-Violence Project in New York, NY created the first-of-its-kind LGBTQ-specific group for those who have been identified as “at risk” to act in a sexually coercive or violent way, or who have been identified (by self or others) as having perpetrated sexual violence. The project developed, piloted, and evaluated a curriculum, which draws from trauma-informed abusive partner intervention programs, adapted for LGBTQ people and relationships.   

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  • Communities

    Adults LGBTQ2I Men Non-binary Women
  • Products

    Curriculum: SVP Group Curriculum for LGBTQ people and relationships (Proprietary) Contact AVP
  • System

    Therapeutic/mental health
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  • Provide Resources

    Provide Resources

    Developed a replicable 15-week group curriculum that is LGBTQ specific, trauma-informed, and psychoeducational to raise awareness and increase strategies for obtaining consent for sexual activity without coercion. Created screening tools, including intake assessment, and outreach materials for recruitment.   

  • Learning Circles

    Learning Circles

    Discussed this work in various coalition spaces, conferences, and other groups, to continue to raise the profile of LGBTQ-specific response and preventive work inclusive of restorative and transformative justice practices. Some of these coalitions include: The New York City Sexual Violence Direct Services Provider Collaborative, the Coalition on Working with Abusive Partners (which AVP Co-Chairs), the Intimate Partner Violence Restorative Justice Coalition, the Mayor’s Task force on Domestic Violence, as well as borough-specific coalitions on intimate partner and sexual violence. 

  • Measure Impact

    Measure Impact

    Participants took part in focus groups and completed pre and post-group evaluations.