Men Who Experience Non-consensual Sex (MENS) Project

Peace Over Violence
R1 2016-2017 $40,000

Peace Over Violence, a sexual and domestic violence prevention center headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, advanced the Men who Experience Non-consensual Sex (MENS) project to improve response services to male victims of sexual violence through innovative support groups to help men recover from sexual abuse, assault, and unwanted/inappropriate sexual encounters that occurred during childhood and adolescence. Curriculum tested in the support groups is available to other providers to replicate.

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  • Learning Circles

    Learning Circles

    In addition to presenting at various conferences, Peace Over Violence presented on a 1in6 webinar on this work. 

  • Provide Resources

    Provide Resources

    At the time of the completion of the grant, one of the two planned groups had been completed. 8 participants in first group (7 by the end) with a second group scheduled for February 2018. 

  • Measure Impact

    Measure Impact

    POV evaluated the effectiveness of the curriculum through the use of interviews and survey tools. The participants were asked to rate the impact of attending the group on the quality of their lives on a weekly basis. Participants responded to questions on the quality of their relationships; feelings of safety and freedom from harm; ability to access and use resources; confidence in their social roles; and their ability to make positive changes in their lives. Over the course of 5 months in the group, 77% reported feeling safer; 60% reported more satisfying relationships; 66% reported accessing and using more resources; and 73% reported more self-efficacy.

  • Enhance Partnerships

    Enhance Partnerships

    POV partnered with 1in6 to complete this project.