Teen Relationship Violence Prevention Education Program

Center for Community Solutions
R1 2016-2017 $50,000

Center for Community Solutions in San Diego, CA enhanced their Teen Relationship Violence Education Curriculum and Program in an effort to increase awareness, challenge myths, and decrease sexual and intimate partner violence with high-risk, marginalized incarcerated youth. 

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  • Communities

    African American Asian-Pacific Islander Boys Communities of color Immigrant/Refugee Latinx Law enforcement Students Youth/Adolescents/Young Adult
  • Products

    Resource: Education and resource guides for youth who are incarcerated (Available upon request) Visit CCS
  • System

    Advocacy/rape crisis Criminal justice Therapeutic/mental health
  • Level



  • Provide Resources

    Provide Resources

    Created education and resource guides for youth who are incarcerated available upon request to interested communities. 

    Topics ranged from healthy relationships, consent, bystander intervention as well as region-specific community resources, education and employment and health & wellness.  

  • Educate & Train

    Educate & Train

    CCS trained 11 cohorts reaching a total of 123 participants (Goal was to reach 50 incarcerated youth via 10 cohorts). These trainings consisted of 5 consecutive sessions covering topics such as healthy relationships, media and gender norms, consent and boundaries, bystander intervention, and how to create community change. 

    As a result of the success of this intiative, CCS expanded the program into the Girls' Detention Facility.

  • Measure Impact

    Measure Impact

    Each student completed a pre-survey that evaluated their knowledge and beliefs around relationship and sexual violence, gendered expectations for sex, anger management, jealousy, conflict resolution, and consent. Through the incorporation of survey results and culturally-specific, activity-based evaluation, 60% of the youth displayed an increase in their bystander intervention skills, 77% an increase in knowledge of healthy versus unhealthy relationships, and 67% an understanding of consent and boundaries.

  • Enhance Partnerships

    Enhance Partnerships

    CCS partnered with San Diego County Department of Probation on this project.