Victim to Victimizer: Using trauma-informed understanding of Adverse Childhood Experiences to Prevent Sexually Abusive Behavior in Adulthood

Catholic University
R4 2019-2020 $50,000

The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC will listen to the voices and experiences of individuals who commit sexual offenses along with treatment providers describe how they believe adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) have contributed to their offending behaviors and identify prevention strategies aimed at reducing sexual violence in our communities.

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  • Communities

    Adolescents and young adults with sexual attraction to children Adults Men Survivors Women Youth/Adolescents/Young Adult
  • System

    Therapeutic/mental health
  • Level



  • Measure Impact

    Measure Impact

    Conduct original research via two on-line surveys about abuse histories and treatment experiences

  • Provide Resources

    Provide Resources


    Publish at least two peer-reviewed research articles describing what we have learned about the role of trauma in the development and treatment of sexually abusive behavior. Develop training recommendations for therapists, including how therapists should integrate trauma treatment into work with ISOs and non-offending adults at risk for sexual abuse.

  • Learning Circles

    Learning Circles

    Present research findings at professional conferences and events.