Online Peer Support Group for Partners of Men Who Have Experienced Sexual Abuse or Assault

1in6, Inc.
R3 2018-2019 $29,670

Online support group program: a free, anonymous, chat-based resource that allows partners of men who have experienced sexual abuse or assault to join a safe community of support using a computer or smartphone.

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  • Provide Resources

    Provide Resources

    The project’s goal is to provide a trauma-informed, culturally-competent, and accessible resource offering support, education, and community to partners of men who are survivors of sexual abuse or assault. Partners were active in asking for actionable ways to support their loved ones, assist in finding resources, and promote the healing journey.

    The program consisted of 24 weekly sessions, 90-minutes in length and capped at 9 participants per session, all facilitated by a licensed clinician. 

  • Measure Impact

    Measure Impact

    Participants were surveyed during their first session regarding their self-perceived knowledge of trauma, and then surveyed again upon completion of 8 sessions regarding how much they felt the service had aided them showing a marked increase in partners’ self-reported skills for supporting themselves and survivor loved ones. 

    Additional survey information and feedback was used to assess the efficacy of the group, which informed the replication guide.