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About the Strategies to Prevent Sexual and Domestic Violence

These are the strategies found in the sport that aim to prevent SV/DV within the sport system and/or through the sport system. After extensive research and input from more than 50 key stakeholders (Click "Research" above to see the Overview Report), 8 key strategies to prevent SV/DV were identified in sport:

1) Enforce Policy
2) Engage in Partnership
3) Join Communities of Practice
4) Build Champions
5) Provide Resources
6) Educate and Train
7) Measure Impact
8) Raise Awareness

Hover over these strategies on the Prevention Database homepage see the descriptions of each!

Strategies that are listed do not necessarily mean that they are evidence-based or best practice, but rather show the depth and breadth of strategies that are active within the sport pipeline to prevent SV/DV.