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How to Use the Prevention Database

There is no single program, policy, or resource that will end SV/DV in and through sport. Therefore, comprehensive strategies must be implemented to reach this goal.




LEARN: Sport organizations can explore the various SV/DV prevention strategies that exist in sport already and build off current practices being implemented. SV/DV experts can use the Prevention Database to inform programming and partnerships that build on current areas of interest or seize opportunities to fill gaps in the sport pipeline.


BUILD: Sport organizations can draw from current SV/DV prevention strategies and examples already being implemented throughout the sport pipeline to create a comprehensive SV/DV prevention approach for your sport organization. SV/DV experts can build on your current SV/DV prevention programming to create more comprehensive approaches to prevention that include all 8 key strategies.


SHARE: Add your strategies, resources, programs, materials, etc. to the Prevention Database so that others can learn from your efforts in order to advance our collective efforts to end SV/DV in and through sport.