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Pro / National Engage in Partnerships

Below you will find examples of partnerships between national sport organizations and SV/DV experts that target professional athletes and organizations that employ or work with them to prevent SV/DV.

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  • Branded a Leader Training

    Institute for Sport and Social Justice

    Branded a Leader, created in 2008 by the National Consortium for Academics & Sports (NCAS),... read more

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  • Huddle Up to End Gender Based Violence

    Institute for Sport and Social Justice

    Huddle Up leverages the transcendent power of sport to eradicate gender violence, in all of its... read more

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  • Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) Strategies Training Program

    MVP Strategies

    MVP provides the leadership necessary, within sport and beyond, to address the global issues of... read more

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  • MVP Playbooks & Trainer's Guide

    Mentors in Violence Prevention Strategies

    Sets of MVP playbooks and trainer’s guides are currently available for purchase on a sample... read more

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    NO MORE aims to raise public awareness and engagement around ending domestic violence and sexual... read more

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  • There are few or no Partnership strategies in this part of the sport pipeline

    Please go to "Submit my Strategy" if you're doign this in or through sport at this level!

  • US Center for SafeSport

    US Center for SafeSport

    Athletes will perform better, soar higher, and get more from sport if they feel safe. SafeSport... read more

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