About the Roadmap


While there is no single solution to preventing sexual and domestic violence, this ROADMAP serves as a theory of change to guide specific steps and align efforts across the sport pipeline to prevent SV/DV.

Informed by over 50 key stakeholder interviews, 4 Focus Groups, 2 Think Tanks, and a peer-reviewed literature, Raliance developed this Roadmap to articulate the change that can happen in and through sport to end SV/DV.

The ROADMAP is a:

  • Description of how change can happen: The Roadmap is an illustration of how and why a desired change (ending SV/DV) is expected to happen in a particular context (in and through sport).
  • Shows steps that lead from the program to the solutionThe Roadmap lays out the steps between what a program or change initiative does (ex. activities or interventions) and how these lead to the desired impact (reducing or eliminating SV/DV in and through sport). It can lead and align the sport and SV/DV advocacy community to get from the problem to the solution.
  • Tool to align of efforts: Much of what sport does, teaches, and promotes is congruent with sexual and domestic violence prevention efforts. The Roadmap provides a common understanding of what it will take to end sexual and domestic violence in and through sport so that both sport and SV/DV experts are working toward a shared vision.
  • Outline of sport’s trajectory for change: It articulates how individuals and organizations in sport can utilize current values, codes of conduct, and cultural norms across the sport pipeline to build toward a common vision – a sport system that teaches and reinforces values, norms, and behaviors that cultivate and support healthy individuals, teams, and communities; And thus, sport culture contributes to ending sexual and domestic violence in a generation.