How to use the Roadmap


Sport and SV/DV experts can use the Roadmap to:

  1. Build buy-in for SV/DV prevention in sport
    • Use this Roadmap to build a case for SV/DV prevention in sport and link how your program, resource, etc. connects to this broader change model
    • Show the trajectory of change that can occur if sport consistently and intentionally implements comprehensive SV/DV strategies that are represented in the Roadmap
    • Explore potential partnerships between sport and SV/DV experts that align with the Roadmap
  2. Support comprehensive approaches for sport
    • No single solution will stop SV/DV from impacting sport, so what is needed? Use the Roadmap to outline the simultaneous steps needed for individuals and systems to reach a long term, sustainable goal
  3. Connect your work to larger vision – what we are collectively working toward!
    • Show how your work (program, campaign, etc) is aligned with the Roadmap as a way to demonstrate that it’s connected to broader, national efforts to end SV/DV in sport
    • Build communities of practice that convene people and organizations working toward this shared vision and use the Roadmap to identify if there is full coverage of this change model
    • Name promising SV/DV prevention practices across the sport pipeline that are achieving each outcome
  4. Build an evidence base for SV/DV prevention in sport
    • Evaluate change and impact of your programs, campaigns, and prevention strategies based on these outcomes
    • By measuring shared outcomes, we are demonstrate collective impact of SV/DV prevention in and through sport
    • By measuring shared outcomes, SV/DV prevention programs and efforts have greater alignment