How we developed the Roadmap


In 2015, Raliance launched an inquiry to explore how sport as a system was playing a role in ending sexual violence.

First, we identified the problem and conducted research (See OVERVIEW REPORT) to better understand the problem and existing interventions.

Informed by this research, we refined the long-term goals with experts from both the sport community and SV/DV prevention community. Once we solidified the desired long-term goals, we then worked back from these goals to identify all the conditions (outcomes) that must be in place for the goals to occur.

The short, medium and long-term outcomes in the Roadmap provide a basis for identifying what type of activity or intervention will lead to the outcomes identified as preconditions for achieving the long-term goal.

Through this approach, the precise link between activities and the achievement of the long-term goals are more fully understood. This leads to better planning, in that activities are linked to a detailed understanding of how change actually happens. It also leads to better evaluation, as it is possible to measure progress towards the achievement of longer-term goals that goes beyond the identification of program.