What We Do

As three leading national sexual violence prevention organizations, RALIANCE builds bridges between prevention experts and other industries and communities to promote a society that believes survivors and values equality and respect for all.

RALIANCE works with organizations that are interested in improving their organizational cultures to be safe and free from sexual harassment and misconduct. We also work with leadership teams to cultivate workplaces that value respect and safety.

Our comprehensive Sport+Prevention Center illustrates strategies to leverage the power, scope, and influence of sport to reinforce positive behaviors both on and off the field.

RALIANCE also advances effective prevention strategies through policy and media engagement, and mentors young people in building skills to advocate for positive social change. RALIANCE works to create policy initiatives that are inclusive of underrepresented communities whose voices and experiences are often left out of the conversation.

RALIANCE also awards grants to organizations throughout the country to advance promising, replicable practices that improve services, reduce risk factors for sexual violence, and strengthen community capacity to create safe environments.