RALIANCE is a national partnership dedicated to ending sexual violence in one generation.

RALIANCE partners with a wide range of organizations to improve their cultures and create environments free from sexual harassment, misconduct and abuse. Every day, RALIANCE helps leaders establish safe workplaces and strong communities by advancing research, influencing policy, and supporting innovative programs. RALIANCE is based in Washington, DC and combines decades of experience and resources from three leading national sexual violence prevention organizations into a single, unified force.

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Karen Baker, LMSW
Managing Partner

Karen Baker is a founding member and Managing Partner for RALIANCE. She provides oversight for the fiscal sponsorship, communications activities, and Managing Director for RALIANCE, and works with the other managing partners to provide strategic direction and resources in support of its mission.  Ms. Baker works with local, state, and national leaders to prevent sexual violence and advocate for social justice and anti-oppression. She has expertise in prevention, messaging, children’s issues, and collaborating for positive social change. Karen Baker holds a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Kansas.

Sandra Henriquez, MBA
Managing Partner

Sandra Henriquez is a founding member and Managing Partner of RALIANCE. She has worked in the movement to end sexual abuse and domestic violence since 1985. Ms. Henriquez is a visionary who believes that people have the power to transform their environments. Sandra believes in creating strategic partnerships which build respectful and safer organizational cultures. To this end, she works with labor, agriculture and corporate sectors to identify strategies which will lead to cultural and systemic change within their industries. Sandra Henriquez holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA).

Monika Johnson Hostler, MPA
Managing Partner

Monika Johnson Hostler is a founding member and Managing Partner of RALIANCE. Monika is a pivotal asset to the national sexual assault movement and provides national leadership in the movement to end sexual violence. Her leadership in the anti-sexual violence movement and the public education field are examples of her commitment to social justice and equality. Monika Johnson-Hostler holds a Master’s degree in public administration from NC Central University.

Yolanda Edrington
Managing Director

Yolanda Edrington is the Managing Director for RALIANCE. Yolanda is a nationally recognized leader with over 20 years of experience providing leadership guidance, community engagement, and navigating different systems to afford clients assistance from a strengths-based perspective. She collaborates with a variety of national partners and funders including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Office on Violence Against Women (OVW), and Office for Victims of Crime (OVC). Yolanda also serves as a member of the Match Group Advisory Council, advocating for safer online dating and connections platforms. Professionally and personally she works for social change. Yolanda has spent many years volunteering for community-based programs in Central PA. She’s currently serving on the boards of Alder Health Services and Historic Harrisburg Association. Yolanda Edrington holds a BS in Applied Psychology from Albright College.

David S. Lee, MPH
Research and Evaluation Director

David S. Lee is the Research and Evaluation Director of RALIANCE. David has experience in providing leadership for a national online community to advance primary prevention of sexual and intimate partner violence in various sectors and settings. Mr. Lee has been involved in the movement to end sexual assault and domestic violence since 1982 working with a variety of local sexual assault and domestic violence prevention agencies, state coalitions, and national organizations. David S. Lee holds a Masters in Public Health from University of California Berkeley in Community Health Education focused on violence prevention.

Terri Poore, MSW
Policy Director

Terri Poore is the Policy Director for RALIANCE. She specializes in finding policy solutions to the problem of sexual violence. She has decades of experience working in the anti-sexual violence movement including more than 15 years focused on federal and state policy and appropriations related to sexual assault. In the 90s, Terri worked as a sexual violence counselor and program coordinator at a rape crisis center and as a victim advocate. Terri holds a Master’s degree in social work from Florida State University and a BA in Sociology from Loyola University in New Orleans.

Laura Palumbo, MA
Communications Director

Laura Palumbo is Communications Director at RALIANCE. Laura works on strategic messaging, media engagement and educational materials to promote that prevention is possible. She has nearly a decade of experience developing sexual violence prevention and response communication materials for advocates, parents, college students, and media. She holds a Master of Arts in Communications from Penn State University with specializations in Critical Cultural Studies, Media Analysis and Non-profit Management.

Leah Aldridge, PhD
Organizational Change Director

Leah Aldridge is the Organizational Change Director at RALIANCE.  She is an educator, facilitator and trainer on the multi-disciplinary issues of interpersonal violence for diverse populations. She co-authored Women of Color Leadership: A Look at the Experiences of Women of Color Executives in the Anti-Violence Against Women’s Movement.  Dr. Leah Aldridge holds a PhD in Cinema and Media from the University of Southern California.

Halle Nelson
Social Media Manager

Halle Nelson is the Social Media Manager for RALIANCE. She specializes in writing and messaging about sexual harassment, abuse, and assault. Halle Nelson holds a B.A. in Communication Studies with minors in Deaf Studies and English Literature from West Chester University of Pennsylvania.

Tori VandeLinde, MPH
Project Manager

Tori VandeLinde is a Project Manager at RALIANCE. She has extensive experience and knowledge in preventing sexual harassment and sexual violence, as well as creating systems to sustain change. Now, she applies public health tools, research methodologies, and frameworks to prevent and end sexual violence in various environments. Tori VandeLinde holds a Master of Public Health from Oregon State University in Health Promotion and Health Behavior.

Megan Owens, MSW
Corpoate Research Associate

Megan Owens, MSW, is a St. Louis native who has been working in the field of domestic and sexual violence for over five years, working both directly with survivors and in administrative capacities. She has worked at several local Missouri programs and prior to joining RALIANCE, she worked at the Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence. Megan’s background is both in advocacy and communications and in addition to her work with survivors, she worked on multiple grassroots advocacy campaigns, at Missouri’s State Capitol, and on research projects related to human trafficking and juvenile justice. She earned her Master’s in Social Work at University of Missouri-Columbia, and prior to that she received her Bachelor’s in Journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Megan’s passion for systems change, social justice, and anti-oppression drives her continued work in the movement to end sexual violence.

Louie Marven
Audit & Validation Associate

Louie Marven is an Audit & Validation Associate for RALIANCE. He develops resources and facilitates training on a range of topics related to preventing and responding to sexual violence, including effective messaging for prevention and working with male survivors. He also has a decade in leadership at his local LGBT community center. Louie Marven holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and Sociology.

Karla Vierthaler
Audit & Validation Associate

Karla Vierthaler is an Audit & Validation Associate for RALIANCE. She has been an advocate in the in the movement to end sexual violence for over twenty years. Ms. Vierthaler has experience in developing resources and providing training on the impact of sexual violence in various communities, including adults in later life, people with disabilities, people who are incarcerated, and others. She is also a Department of Justice certified Prison Rape Elimination Act Auditor. Karla Vierthaler holds a Masters in Public Administration from Shippensburg University with a specialization in Gerontology.

Black woman with short hair and a yellow blouse on a teal background.
Julia Mallory
Project Coordinator

Julia Mallory is the Project Coordinator for RALIANCE. Julia has 20-plus years of diverse experience in non-profit and corporate roles in public health, community outreach and engagement, and marketing and communications. She earned a Bachelor of Science from Elizabethtown College and a Master of Arts from Eastern University.

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