A positive and safe organizational culture plays a pivotal role in success. Sexual harassment, misconduct and abuse happen in all organizations, industries, and sectors. RALIANCE is the expert on helping organizations establish and maintain equitable, respectful, and safe environments.

Who we are

RALIANCE advises organizations of all sizes on how to prevent and address sexual harassment, misconduct and abuse. RALIANCE helps organizations to change their culture for the better with expert consulting services such as organizational assessment, policy review, customized training, internal auditing, and crisis communications guidance. We were founded by leaders with decades of collective expertise serving survivors of sexual assault and driving efforts to change systems and prevent sexual violence at the local, state, and national level.

Fostering positive organizational culture change is possible, yet it requires the guidance of experts and advisers who understand the needs of individuals who have experienced sexual harassment, misconduct and abuse. We offer industry-leading resources on sexual violence prevention and response, access to an unparalleled national network of sexual assault service providers, and tailored, confidential guidance to organizations of all types and sizes. Learn more about how we partner to build respectful and safer organizational cultures here.


Our Services

RALIANCE offers a holistic approach to creating a respectful environment that raises awareness and provides strategies to welcome and support a diverse workforce and communities. We see sexual harassment, misconduct and abuse as directly linked to power disparities, racial inequities, and oppression. As companies and organizations strive toward diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace, these overlapping issues must be addressed. Above all, our approach is grounded in our decades of experience working to provide trauma-informed support to survivors of sexual assault.

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Strategies and Solutions

RALIANCE will help create a detailed roadmap with concrete solutions and strategies for advancing sexual violence prevention and victim response in workplaces, organizations, and across business operations.

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Organizational Culture Trainings

RALIANCE expert staff will provide training to executives, managers, employees, and customer response/support teams to respond to and prevent all forms of sexual misconduct while building a more respectful, equitable environment.

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Policy Review or Creation

RALIANCE will review, improve, or create policies and procedures to help create a safer and more equitable work environment.

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Communications Support

RALIANCE will offer guidance and support in internal and external messaging and crisis communications around incidents, policies, and corporate social responsibility programs.

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RALIANCE will conduct an assessment of your company’s response to sexual misconduct and assault and the steps you are taking to prevent it. We will create an actionable plan that’s tailor-made for your organization, develop custom assessment tools, and work alongside companies to implement and validate effective data collection systems.

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Data and Research

RALIANCE has developed a comprehensive taxonomy, and this classification system designed and tested to help companies better measure safety incidents in their organizations and across business operations. Working with experts to understand the scope of the problem and the factors contributing to it is the first step toward solutions.

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