Advocacy 101: Mobilizing Change in Your Community

Advocacy 101

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the legislative process. Many people don’t know who their representatives are or how to engage in direct advocacy — but as a constituent and voter, your voice is powerful at all levels of government.

Engaging with members of Congress allows you to influence the development and implementation of policy. As someone working in the field, you have the expertise and knowledge necessary to mobilize changes that meet your community’s specific needs.

But where should you begin?

Effectively advocating for your community’s needs 

Effective advocacy requires planning, preparation, and strategy. That’s why RALIANCE created our District Advocacy Toolkit, which is packed with resources to help you prepare for successful Congressional meetings, including:

– Tips on requesting meetings with legislators
– How to prepare for your meeting
– Dos and don’ts for conducting a Congressional meeting
– Sample talking points
– Template materials
– An infographic on the state of federal funding for rape crisis centers
– And more!

Check out our recorded webinar for a brief walkthrough of the contents and tips on how to use the toolkit. Then, schedule your Congressional meetings while legislators are in their home districts during April!

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