Ms. Magazine Blog – Bold Moves to End Sexual Violence

This week RALIANCE’s Julie Patrick wrote a guest blog titled Bold Moves to End Sexual Violence: We’re Funding Projects to End Rape and Assault in One Generation for Ms. Magazine.

The blog highlights RALIANCE’s work to advocate for prevention funding and policies that put the needs of survivors first. That’s why RALIANCE is supporting a track at the 2018 National Sexual Assault Conference: We want to share what we’ve learned and engage with people interested in concrete prevention solutions. The seven workshops in the RALIANCE track include RALIANCE’s policy work, sport as a solution to end sexual violence, and a review of a research-informed guide to communicating strategically about sexual violence prevention.

The blog discussed the 52 projects in the last three years RALIANCE has supported. RALIANCE has already pushed $2.3 million in grants that have furthered prevention in communities across the country. And RALIANCE recently opened another round of funding opportunities. The deadline to apply is closing soon – don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of the solution by August 24, 2018.

The Third Rail of the Ohio State Urban Meyer Decision

It has become hard to separate the fan experience from incidents of domestic and sexual violence

By: Brian Pinero

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This week we will learn of the outcome of the investigation by Ohio State University into their head football coach Urban Meyer. Meyer, as reported previously in July, told media members that he was unaware of the alleged domestic violence incidents concerning Zach Smith, a member of his coaching staff. 

However, Meyer may not have been completely honest about his knowledge of the incidents of domestic violence with Coach Smith. And despite that past knowledge, he continued to employ Smith. We know that there was discussion between members of the coaching staff, their partners and later we learned Meyer reported to officials at the university. Yet little, if anything, was done until Smith was fired in late July when he was the subject of a civil protective order.

Even if Coach Meyer followed protocol and reported these issues to Ohio State officials, there are still significant issues with the decision to keep Smith on staff. Reporting is a requirement of these types of incidents, but it is not a sufficient response to it. In the end, continuing to employ someone who was hurting his wife runs counter to the Woody Hayes Athletic Center’s “core values,” which include “treat women with respect.”

Culture cannot live on written core values, it must be lived in practice and action.

As a viewer and fan, I’m moving to a place in my sport experience where I can’t separate athletics from incidents of domestic and sexual violence. Especially in the time of #MeToo, which showed that silence about sexual harassment, misconduct and abuse helps conceal bad behavior. We all play a role in taking a stand against those who are responsible for or complicit in these types of violence.

Mark Titus, an Ohio State alum wrote for the Ringer:

“Fans have helped Ohio State become the behemoth institution that it is. But the one thing I implore everyone in Buckeye Nation to agree on—and the one thing that the university’s administration surely should not lose sight of—is that Urban Meyer needs Ohio State much more than Ohio State needs Urban Meyer.”

Sport is bigger than anyone who tolerates or participates in domestic or sexual violence. Programs like Ohio State have to decide what they want to be as an institution. But much of that comes from what we as fans decide to concede. Fans are the third rail that powers sport. We have to decide what we want to be as supporters of the teams we love.

RALIANCE Announces Grants to Fund Innovative Prevention Projects

Let’s build evidence, promising practices, and replicable programs together! RALIANCE announces our fourth round of funding to support strategies to end sexual violence in one generation.

Submit your Letter of Interest (LOI) to the RALIANCE Impact Grant Program before August 24 to be part of the solution.

Since 2016, the RALIANCE Impact Grant Program has supported 52 projects in three rounds of funding and driven close to $2.3M to prevention strategies working in communities across the nation. Check out how our grantees are making an impact.

These one-year grants, in amounts up to $50,000, are working across three funding categories:

  • Improving the response to victims of sexual violence
  • Reducing the likelihood of perpetration of sexual violence
  • Strengthening community capacity to create safe environments

All LOIs must be received by 11:59pm EST on August 24, 2018. Funded projects will begin April 1, 2019 and continue through March 31, 2020.

For more information such as the guidelines and FAQs , visit

Open Letters to Prevent Sexual Harassment, Misconduct and Abuse in the Workplace

RALIANCE, a Washington, DC-based national partnership dedicated to ending sexual violence in one generation, recently partnered with teamed up with human capital professionals Huntbridge, and Kindall Evolve to provide training, tools and consulting to help companies working to strengthen their sexual harassment policies and procedures. The collaboration published a series of four open letters… …

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