Digital Innovation

1st Place – “Doctors & Sex Abuse” from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution in Atlanta, Georgia, Carrie Teegardin, reporter; Danny Robbins, reporter; Ariel Hart, reporter; Jeff Ernsthausen, data journalist; Ryon Horne, Videographer; Richard Watkins, web application specialist/illustrator; Alan Judd, reporter; Johnny Edwards, reporter

2nd Place – “Sex Trafficking: The Victims Next Door” from the St. Cloud Times in St. Cloud, Minnesota, David Unze, reporter; Stephanie Dickrell, reporter; Jenny Berg, reporter; Dave Schwarz, photojournalist; Lisa Schwarz, editor; Abigail Faulkner, producer

3rd Place – “Facing the Problem” from the SME Harbinger in Fairway Kansas, Celia Hack, Co-Online Editor; Morgan Browning, Head Photo Editor; Ellie Cook, Co-Online Editor; Caroline Heitmann, Head Copy Editor; Staff

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