Ending sexual violence in one generation #BoldMoves #NSAC2018

RALIANCE has a bold vision to end sexual violence in one generation. That’s why we’re sponsoring a series of workshops at the 2018 National Sexual Assault Conference in Anaheim, California.

We know prevention is possible — and it’s happening. With the #MeToo movement continuing to be a vocal presence in our daily lives, everyone is talking about the problem. We all feel the impact of sexual harassment, misconduct and abuse. Now it’s time to believe in the concrete solutions that are working in communities across the country, from campuses to corporate boardrooms to sports fields and beyond.

So what does prevention look like? Intervening and stopping harm from happening in the first place may seem as aspirational as ending sexual violence in one generation. But we have many examples of troublesome societal practices that once seemed ingrained and inevitable but were ultimately ended through the passion and tenacity of activists and advocates. Once upon a time, people smoked on airplanes, in restaurants, and in glamourous movies. Seat belts, car seats for children, and bike helmets were also considered optional at best. But the people most impacted, and allies in communities came together to slowly but surely drive change. They did it using the same time-tested methods that define RALIANCE’s work to end sexual violence: grassroots efforts, work to change policies, research to show evidence of harm, engaging the media to a tell more accurate story.

RALIANCE is proud to have supported 52 projects in the last three years alone, representing $2.3M of funding to advance real prevention solutions. Learn more about the ways prevention looks in communities via our searchable online RALIANCE Impact Grant portal.

Every day, RALIANCE makes prevention possible by advancing research, influencing policy, supporting innovative programs and helping leaders establish safe workplaces and strong communities. Join us and be part of the solution, too. #BoldMoves #NSAC2018

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