Every 19 seconds, someone is either raped or experiences an attempted rape in the United States*.

RALIANCE is a national partnership dedicated to ending sexual violence in one generation. Every day, RALIANCE makes prevention possible by advancing research, influencing policy, supporting innovative programs and helping leaders establish safe workplaces and strong communities.

RALIANCE partners with a wide range of organizations to improve their cultures and create environments free from sexual harassment, misconduct and abuse. The Sport+Prevention Center, a first-of-its-kind online resource created by RALIANCE, engages the sport community as a partner in ending sexual and domestic violence. RALIANCE advocates for prevention funding and policies that put the needs of survivors first. The partnership has also awarded $2.3M in grants to communities across the country.

Founded in 2015 through a multimillion dollar seed investment by the National Football League, RALIANCE is based in Washington, DC.

1 Smith, S.G., Chen, J., Basile, K.C., Gilbert, L.K., Merrick, M.T., Patel, N., Walling, M., & Jain, A. (2017). The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS): 2010-2012 State Report. Atlanta, GA: National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Calculated from 12-Month Prevalence of Sexual Violence Victimization — U S, Women and U.S. Men NISVS 2010-2012 Average Annual Estimates Rape rates include any completed or attempted unwanted vaginal (for women), oral, or anal penetration through the use of physical force (such as being pinned or held down, or by the use of violence) or threats to physically harm and includes times when the victim was drunk, high, drugged, or passed out and unable to consent.

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