Kissing the Kiss Cam Goodbye

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Recently, The Ringer’s Britni de la Cretaz wrote an article about the use of the Kiss cam in today’s athletic events, and the unintended consequences that its use can have on our sports culture and fans who come into focus of its view.   

“Kiss cams have been a mainstay of the sports fan experience for more than three decades. If you’ve been to a game recently, you’ve surely seen the stunt—during a game break, two unsuspecting members of the crowd are broadcast on the Jumbotron and prompted, by graphics or the in-arena announcer, to smooch.  It’s usually good for a laugh or two, but in an evolving world, one in which we’re having complicated and nuanced discussions about sexism, agency, and consent, it’s worth asking what role—if any—the kiss cam has in our current sports culture. What can seem like a routine in-game gimmick can come with a deeper significance.”

De la Cretaz goes on though the article to ask teams, officials and fans why the kiss cam is still being used today. Read the article here.

Raliance believes that sport can be part of the solution to end sexual and domestic violence in one generation. To learn more about resources for the sport community, check out the Sport and Prevention Center:

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