Ms. Magazine Blog – Bold Moves to End Sexual Violence

This week RALIANCE’s Julie Patrick wrote a guest blog titled Bold Moves to End Sexual Violence: We’re Funding Projects to End Rape and Assault in One Generation for Ms. Magazine.

The blog highlights RALIANCE’s work to advocate for prevention funding and policies that put the needs of survivors first. That’s why RALIANCE is supporting a track at the 2018 National Sexual Assault Conference: We want to share what we’ve learned and engage with people interested in concrete prevention solutions. The seven workshops in the RALIANCE track include RALIANCE’s policy work, sport as a solution to end sexual violence, and a review of a research-informed guide to communicating strategically about sexual violence prevention.

The blog discussed the 52 projects in the last three years RALIANCE has supported. RALIANCE has already pushed $2.3 million in grants that have furthered prevention in communities across the country. And RALIANCE recently opened another round of funding opportunities. The deadline to apply is closing soon – don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of the solution by August 24, 2018.

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