One year later: Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh

A year ago, RALIANCE Advocacy Director Ebony Tucker issued a statement on the testimony of Dr. Ford. “This past week has been very painful for survivors,” the statement noted. “Every time we question, ridicule and demean a survivor that comes forward, we hurt those who are living with the trauma of sexual abuse anddiscourage even more people from coming forward.

“There are those who think that reporting years or even decades after a sexual assault is too late or that a delayed report is unfair because it ruins an offender’s life. When we value the lives of victims, often women, as much as we value the lives of men, this will no longer be a serious consideration.”

One year, later we again issued a statement. We are alarmed to learn from this weekend’s New York Times piece that the Senate and FBI failed to fully investigate allegations made against Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. RALIANCE is committed, now more than ever, in doubling down on the fight to hold offenders, institutions, and people in positions of power accountable.

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