RALIANCE Promotes Solutions for
Ending Sexual Violence in One Generation

Sexual harassment, misconduct, and abuse are widespread societal problems that require fearless leadership and action. RALIANCE is dedicated to partner with you to boldly fight and advocate for a world free from sexual violence once and for all.


Role of Businesses

Companies and organizations can help change the culture by partnering with RALIANCE Business and working to address and prevent all forms of sexual misconduct, sexual harassment and sexual assault in their workplaces and across their operations.

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Role of Sport

Sport can be part of the solution to end sexual and domestic violence in one generation. Coaches, players, team staff, league commissioners, and others – at all levels – can set the example that a culture of sexual harassment, misconduct, and abuse is unacceptable.

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Role of Youth

Today’s youth has boldly stated that they will “be the generation that ends sexual violence." RALIANCE is committed to helping make their dream come true. RALIANCE supports young activists elevate their stories and passion to end gender-based violence.

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Role of Policy

Whether it’s federal legislation, grassroots mobilization, or administrative rule changes, policy plays a key role in our work to end sexual violence in one generation.

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Role of Media

The media plays a vital role in advancing the public’s understanding of sexual harassment, misconduct, and abuse. Now more than ever, there is unprecedented opportunity to impact and shape news coverage on this preventable issue. RALIANCE works with journalists to provide expert commentary, context, and facts, leading to greater awareness and safer environments.

To speak with an expert from RALIANCE, please contact [email protected].

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Role of Funders

This important work to end sexual violence would not happen without the vital support of our funders and partners.

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