February 24, 2020

RALIANCE Statement on Split Verdict in Harvey Weinstein Trial

Following the announcement of a split verdict in the criminal trial of producer Harvey Weinstein, RALIANCE Executive Director Ebony Tucker issued the following statement:

“The split verdict in today’s Weinstein trial speaks volumes about the complicated and difficult process that survivors face in seeking justice and holding abusers accountable. We stand with the women who came forward to share their story and are immensely disappointed that justice was not served for all of them. “On a day like today, we must acknowledge the work ahead in changing the way our society responds to survivors of assault. In the case of Weinstein, it was only after there was an outpouring of allegations in the public eye did prosecutors act to investigate the reports of his pervasive sexual abuse. The stark reality is that most rape cases rarely make it to trial. “Too many survivors still do not come forward for fear that they won’t be believed or supported. This is particularly true for girls and women of color who have historically been silenced by institutions like the criminal justice system. This underscores the importance that sexual assault survivors have other avenues outside of the criminal justice system to seek healing, support and justice. “Our culture must continue to strive to hold those who commit sexual violence accountable, regardless of their power, fame, wealth or position in the community. We also cannot forget that Tarana Burke ignited the #MeToo movement to amplify the voices of survivors of color whose experiences are often invisible. RALIANCE will continue to drive change that shifts how our culture understands sexual harassment, misconduct, and abuse, supports survivors from under-represented groups, and enhances the safety of workplaces and communities.”

“This case is also a timely reminder that no workplace or industry is immune to sexual violence. Our society and institutions must be held to a higher standard of transparency and accountability. It is in this spirit that we urge businesses, organizations, and workplaces to take an honest look at how their organizations respond to and prevent sexual harassment, misconduct and abuse. Ending sexual violence in one generation is only possible when we believe in and support survivors.”

Read Full Release (pdf)

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