RALIANCE and UCSD Host Dialogue on Sport and Sexual Violence Prevention

This past week, RALIANCE and UC San Diego Center on Gender equity and health (GEH) hosted researchers from across the country to come together in Houston, Texas to discuss sport and sexual violence prevention. This meeting builds on last year’s Researcher Think Tank and Sport + Prevention Center recommendations for next steps research and evaluation

The attendees spent the day reviewing new research, exploring partnership opportunities, and discussing potential policy recommendations for a wide-range of disciplines, including sport management, sociology and social work. 

The group also agreed to continue working together to ensure that youth and young adult voices are heard in conversations about how to prevent sexual misconduct, harassment and abuse in athletics.    

RALIANCE believes that sport can be part of the solution to end sexual and domestic violence in one generation. To learn more about our work and resources check out the Sport and Prevention Center: https://www.raliance.org/sport-prevention-center/.

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