These principles and values guide our strategies and operations as we seek to end sexual harassment, misconduct and abuse once and for all.

Bold Trailblazing—Sexual harassment, misconduct and abuse is a widespread societal problem that requires fearless leadership and action.

Proven Prevention—Sexual violence prevention must be a priority to enact systemic cultural change that prevents sexual harassment, misconduct and abuse in the first place. Strategies should draw from proven prevention programs and be accessible to all.

Survivor-centered—We must believe survivors. Survivors are never to blame. Healing and justice look different for every survivor.

Inclusive and Community-focused—Sexual harassment, misconduct and abuse happens in every community and impacts individuals across race, gender identity, sexual orientation, income, disability status, and many other factors.

Leadership and Sustainability—The work of ending sexual harassment, misconduct and abuse cannot be done alone. It is essential to cultivate the next generation of leadership to build and sustain a culture that practices respect, safety, equality and assistance to others.

Accountability—While the criminal legal system can provide rehabilitation, restitution, and serve as deterrent to sexual harassment, misconduct and abuse, incarceration alone will not prevent or end all types of sexual violence.

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