RALIANCE Looks Ahead


The year is already off to a great start as we had the pleasure of announcing our 2023 grantees earlier this week: Healing to Action, HEART, Ministerios Fuente de Vida, The Commission on Eliminating Sexual Harassment and Advancing Equality in the Workplace, The HEAL Project and the Sexual Assault Center of Nashville. We are so excited to welcome them and to see how their work supports survivors and advances sexual violence prevention in the forthcoming year. We are also happy to share that RALIANCE will be at the National Sexual Assault Conference in San Francisco this August. The theme will be Equity in Action, and we look forward to being in community with passionate advocates, activists, and partners in preventing sexual violence. Click here to stay up-to-date on conference registration and speaker announcements.

As we kick off this cohort and another successful year for RALIANCE, below are some thoughts on what the RALIANCE team looks forward to in the new year.

“One thing I would tell our grantees is to not be afraid to pivot. Every once in a while, some things don’t go according to plan, but you can still affect change and meet your end goal. Get creative and you’ll get there.” – Sandra Henriquez, Managing Partner, RALIANCE

“I’m so excited to continue our partnership with the NFL so that we can continue to help create a positive impact for survivors and communities across this country. This year’s grantees are all uniquely positioned and I look forward to their next steps!” – Monika Johnson Hostler, Managing Partner, RALIANCE

“One thing that always excites me is how embedded our grantees are in their communities. Grassroots engagement and empowerment are so important and we see the results of that every day. I can’t wait to see what happens with this next cohort.” – Yolanda Edrington, Managing Director, RALIANCE

“I’m looking forward to learning more about the work of each of the grantees and how they are actualizing culture change in different contexts! I am also generally looking forward to seeing us bring our work into new partnerships, sectors, and contexts.” – Laura Palumbo, Communications Director, RALIANCE

“We are working with federal, state and local governments to help affect policy that centers survivors and prevention. There are a lot of moving pieces, but we’re really optimistic that 2023 will be a year of bold investments to address and end sexual violence.” – Terri Poore, Policy Director, RALIANCE

“We’re seeing more of our partners focus on intersectionality, which is exciting to me. It demonstrates an openness to other experiences and a next step in curating safe spaces at work. I’m really excited about how we’ll help facilitate that growth for our partners in 2023.” Tori VandeLinde, Project Manager, RALIANCE

“Last year, RALIANCE got the opportunity to lead some amazing National Sexual Violence Conference sessions alongside our partner organizations and even some past grantees. This year, I want to keep those conversations going – especially with regard to the direct impact of policy changes.” – Halle Nelson, Social Media Manager, RALIANCE

For better or for worse, each year seems to be increasingly unpredictable. However, one thing we know for sure is that RALIANCE will continue to work with our partners to be there for survivors and the organizations who support them each and every day.

RALIANCE is a trusted adviser for organizations committed to building cultures that are safe, equitable, and respectful. RALIANCE offers unparalleled expertise in serving survivors of sexual harassment, misconduct, and abuse which drives our mission to help organizations across sectors create inclusive environments for all. For more information, please visit www.RALIANCE.org.


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