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Here at RALIANCE, we pride ourselves on being up to speed on the news that leaders need to know about building a culture free of sexual harassment, misconduct and abuse, and that means reading – a lot! In case you missed them, we’ve gathered some of the most important articles we’ve read in recent weeks:

A Black chief diversity officer lost a job offer after flagging racial bias (NBC News): Many companies that have expressed a desire to build more diverse and inclusive cultures have not committed to the work in practice. This story drives home that companies who issue statements about prioritizing diversity need to be open to critical feedback – especially from their own diversity leaders – and then do the hard work of creating cultures in which everyone can thrive. 

Google, Snap and Dozens of Tech Companies Coordinate New Diversity Push (Bloomberg): A cohort of tech companies announced that they are banding together to strengthen workplace diversity in Silicon Valley. This story demonstrates that – in the effort to create culture change – it can be important to look beyond the capabilities of a single organization. By banding together within and across industries, companies have the potential to compound their efforts to build more inclusive workplaces. 

Opinion: I Was Told I Have Career Advantages ‘as a Black Woman.’ Here’s How I Replied. (The New York Times): By any reasonable measure, people of color face far more obstacles to senior roles in corporate America than their white peers – yet many people of color face the accusation that their identity is actually an advantage as more companies pursue greater diversity. In this guest essay, corporate executive Edith Cooper explains why that type of thinking is wrong and unhelpful.

Fast Food Companies Have One Easy Trick for Avoiding Liability for Sexual Harassment. Now, Workers Are Walking Out. (Mother Jones): McDonald’s employees have been staging walk-outs amid concerns about the company’s approach to handling sexual harassment, among other issues. The walk-outs are part of a broader trend of employees demanding changes in workplace culture and a reminder that employers who listen to their workforce’s concerns and move to address them are best equipped to retain and recruit workers over the long-term.

We’ll continue to bring critical news updates your way here at the RALIANCE blog – to make sure you’re in the know about issues that matter in the effort to lead culture change.

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