RALIANCE & THREAD: I Ask and getting granular about consent (PART 1)

RALIANCE invited two amazing members of THREAD, a private social network for women of the NFL to talk about Sexual Assault Awareness Month’s theme: I Ask and getting granular about consent.

Ambassador Dr. Chanita Foster is a bestselling author, entrepreneur, success coach and mentor, and social change philanthropist focusing on marginalized and disenfranchised communities. She is the founder of BEYOND THE GAME a 501 (c)(3) working to advance the lives of young people, especially girls, in South Africa and Swaziland.

Kathleen Gallagher, aka The SafetyChick is a Personal Safety Expert, Author and TV Personality whose mission is to change the way safety is embraced nationally. It’s not about living  paranoid, it’s about living smart and making SMART personal safety choices.

Julie Patrick, External Relations for RALIANCE, joined the women for this series.

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