Role of Industries

Companies have a responsibility to nurture a work environment that promotes safety and well-being of all employees. The business community is influential in creating change and demonstrating that prevention is possible.

As a brand, each company can advocate for workplace and community policies and programs that are based on respect, safety, and equality.

As an employer, each company can provide certified programming and resources to advance prevention and accessible paths and protections that help and support victims. Prevention programs not only help avoid the financial and legal costs associated with sexual harassment, but can also help improve the productivity, well-being, and job satisfaction of all employees.

As a sponsor, each company can fund and advance prevention programs that contribute to the broader movement to end sexual violence in one generation and reduce demand for victim services.

Will You Join Us?

Each of us has a role to play to end sexual violence in one generation. RALIANCE is committed to partnering with organizations and corporations as they institutionalize cultures, policies, and protocols that support survivors and are based on respect, safety and equality. Your voice and participation are welcome. For more information on corporate partnership opportunities, please contact [email protected]

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