Web Conference: New Toolkit for Discussing Sexual Violence With Student Athletes

Documentaries often uncover troubling trends and provide opportunities for change. RALIANCE is hosting a web conference to provide you with the tools you need to turn the documentary film Roll Red Roll into a helpful tool for teaching students how to prevent sexual violence.

Roll Red Roll is a documentary film about a sexual assault in Steubenville, OH, and how it impacted the town and garnered national attention. Since its release in 2018, Roll Red Roll has led to conversations about rape culture, the role sport plays in sexual violence, and how to create lasting social change.

RALIANCE, in partnership with the Roll Red Roll social impact team, Open Door Abuse Awareness Prevention, and MenChallenging, has created two toolkits to help coaches, athletic administrators, guidance counselors, and sexual violence prevention advocates discuss the film with their student athletes and spark social change. The first toolkit adapts conversations, discussion questions, and selected clips in thematic sections for college athletes, while the second toolkit focuses on high school athletes.

To learn more about how sport can be part of the solution to end sexual violence, check out RALIANCE’s Sport + Prevention Center.

• Describe the Roll Red Roll college and high school toolkits and their impacts on preventing sexual violence in sport
• Identify ways to use the Roll Red Roll college and high school toolkits with young athletes in your communities
• Discuss opportunities for athletes, coaches, athletic administrations, and guidance counselors to serve as agents of social change and prevent sexual violence

• David S. Lee and Tori Vandelinde, RALIANCE

• Nancy Schwartzman, Director, Roll Red Roll
• Joe Samalin, Co-Founder, MenChallenging
• Valencia Peterson (Coach V), Executive Director, Open Door Abuse Awareness Prevention
• Eliza Licht, Alice Quinlan, and Lily Donnell, Roll Red Roll Impact Team


Roll Red Roll Toolkit for College Athletic Administrators, Coaches and Counselors
Roll Red Roll Toolkit for High School Athletic Administrators, Coaches and Counselors (FREE)

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