Sexual Harassment and Misconduct

Training for staff, managers, and executives

We conduct training on issues of sexual harassment and misconduct, including how to respond to complaints and conduct case review. Training for staff, managers, and executives may all differ, which requires different curricula. We provide targeted presentations with variations in length and content depending on the group we’re training.

Policy review

Appropriate policies are the basis for any healthy workplace. Policies should be sensitive to victims of misconduct and instill confidence that complaints will be taken seriously. We will work with your legal and HR teams to make sure that your new policy is relevant in today’s current climate and meets your company’s needs moving forward.

Critical incident review

If an incident of sexual harassment or misconduct occurs, every company should be prepared to respond appropriately. Victim sensitivity and safety for staff are both priorities. If you are new to handling these issues, we can help you respond not just to those involved in the incident but to your staff and management. Instill confidence in everyone in your corporation that you’ll take complaints seriously and respond with sensitivity and appropriate attention.

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