The Opportunity Before Us

The time has come for our nation to rise up to face and to end sexual violence. There is a national appetite to address this issue in new ways and promote solutions that work. Today’s youth have boldly stated that they will “be the generation that ends sexual violence.” RALIANCE is committed to helping make their dream come true.

RALIANCE’s purpose is to serve the unique role as the visible, central, nationwide convener and catalyst for all realms of service and society who seek to end sexual violence nationwide in one generation. Our vast network of experts is joining forces to create a powerful synergy through new leaders, funders, and strategic thinkers to create and advance solutions that ensure our communities are safe, healthy, and free from sexual assault for generations to come.

We believe that, through prevention initiatives, we can make a monumental impact in preventing sexual assault through this coordinated, national strategy. Achieving our vision involves engaging an array of partners and leaders who want to make a positive impact and lasting changes in their companies and communities. Prevention is already happening and needs broad support to grow.

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