RALIANCE Reading: The Future of Workplace Culture

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The start of a new year is the perfect time to think – and read – about the future. Here at RALIANCE, we’ve been reading about the future of workplace culture, which may have been forever changed by the pandemic. Check out some of our most notable reads below:

The Post-Pandemic Office Should Be a Clubhouse (The Wall Street Journal): A recent essay in The Wall Street Journal anticipates a future in which an office is less of a workplace than a gathering place. As offices becomes sites of workplace culture – rather than labor – there may be new opportunities to creatively instill values of inclusion and equity, as well as persistent challenges with successfully building a cohesive workforce when only some may return to an office full time.   

Why 2022 Is The Year Of Workplace Culture (Forbes): This article predicts that 2022 will be a year in which companies need to increase their focus on people-centered programs in order to create a cohesive workforce. Notably, the article sites a survey which identified diversity, equity and inclusion strategies among HR leaders’ top priorities for this year.

A new era for the American worker (Vox): The pandemic’s impact on the workforce – including labor shortages – have greatly increased workers’ power to demand their employers make changes, such as increasing wages or building more equitable cultures. Labor leaders recognize that this dynamic could shift, however – so 2022 will be a year in which they aim to press a potentially short-term advantage to create culture change.  

We’ll continue to bring critical news updates your way here at the RALIANCE blog to make sure you’re in the know about issues that matter in the effort to lead culture change.

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