Sexual Assault Awareness Month Preview

SAAM 2023 logo-teal watercolor background with a Black woman’s silhouette, a light blue white man’s silhouette inside of that silhouette, and vibrant elements throughout the Black woman including sex signs for male, female, and intersex, a multicolored flower, an active wheelchair user, hands of different races reaching out, birds flying away, a heart with a bandage, a woman jumping for joy, and the figures of a boy lending out a hand to another boy on the ground. Next to the logo is a teal ribbon and text in dark teal and black that reads “SAAM 2023 Drawing Connections Prevention Demands Equity”

Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) kicks off in just a few days. This year’s theme is “Drawing Connections: Prevention Demands Equity.” Throughout the month of April, the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) will lead discussions about how systems of oppression contribute to sexual violence. Prior to the kick-off, RALIANCE wanted to share a preview of some of the month’s initiatives and activations:

Day of Action

The Day of Action, April 4th, is a call to action for organizations to start off the month with highly visible and coordinated actions. Companies and organizations can plan an event around sexual assault awareness, schedule SAAM-related social media content, participate in the #30DaysofSAAM, or find another way to get involved on April 4th.

One easy way to show solidarity with survivors is to wear teal, the color of sexual violence prevention, on April 4th.


The SAAM Proclamation is an opportunity for everyone to review and tangibly commit to educating themselves and their communities about the interconnections of systemic oppressions and sexual violence. We recommend sharing the statement widely in your organization.


The #30DaysofSAAM social media calendar provides creative prompts for organizations and individuals to help raise awareness, educate, and connect with others throughout the month with the hashtag #SAAM2023. Examples of prompts include: “Find a statistic about sexual harassment, assault, or abuse and come up with a creative way to illustrate or highlight it” or “Share ways we can support survivors virtually. Ideas may range from donating to local organizations to standing up to victim-blaming comments online.” Companies and organizations can engage with all the prompts or a select few—whatever works best with your organization’s goals.

The month of April will be filled with other efforts from localized organizations as well, so we recommend checking out events and volunteer opportunities near you or  plugging into a nearby nonprofit to learn more about how to support them during SAAM. Also be on the lookout for webinars, additional resources, and trainings around sexual assault prevention from NSVRC and allied organizations.

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