Stand Up, Don’t Stand By – with Uber and NO MORE

A safer world – free from sexual harassment, misconduct and abuse – begins when we look out for each other. RALIANCE supports the Stand up, Don’t Stand By” campaign spearheaded by two of our partners: Uber and NO MORE. Since this campaign launched last fall, they have been partnering with local law enforcement, nightlife community, and local rape crisis centers to promote public safety and help prevent sexual assault before it starts. 

What started out in two nightlife hubs – Las Vegas and Los Angeles – is now expanding to new cities including DC, Seattle, and Philadelphia. The message is clear – everyone has a role to play in ensuring respect, safety, and fun are all a part of going out.

“We can all do a better job of watching out for each other in social settings. And help can be just a few steps away—a bartender, a waiter, a bouncer. By sharing this message, we can raise awareness about the importance of bystander intervention and help create a safer world for everyone.”


At RALIANCE, we believe in engaging all voices in the fight to end sexual violence in one generation. RALIANCE and NO MORE partner on solutions to educate more communities about preventing all forms of violence. RALIANCE also joined forces with Uber in 2017 to drive innovation and make lasting, impactful changes to the safety needs across the entire commuter transportation industry.

Watch the Stand Up, Don’t Stand By video and encourage your friends and community to join the campaign in stamping out sexual violence once and for all.  

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